Vespiary is a tactical turn-based single player CRPG

in dark fantasy setting. 

If you are a fan of classical roleplaying games, Vespiary will seem familiar to you,

most mechanics in the game based on the 5th edition of the SRD. 

We want to bring table-top game experience to your screens.


Thoughtful turn-based gameplay without bustle - think twice about each turn.

Action, and sometimes bonus action, may change the outcome of the battle.


Handcrafted encounters - we make a lot of efforts

to make each fight memorable and unique.


Tactical challenge - opponents will not overwhelm you with a number,

and will adapt to your combat style.


Thrilling story - the heroes will not be quested to collect 20 goblin eyes.


No annoying micromanagement - you don't have to count

every arrow or bolt in the inventory.

  • Control party of adventurers and lead them through the battles and tangles of intrigue to the glory.

  • Choose classes, traits, spells and weapons for your characters to make them stronger.

  • Try different tactics against insidious villains in handcrafted deadly encounters.

  • Survive betrayals, save the princess (princess is NOT included) and feel the taste of victory!

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